The first basic characters were originally designed in 2013 for the cover of a book for French Masterchef Michel Roux. In 2014 we completed the font and designed some extra glyphs, swooshes and ligatures.


Fest is designed by:


Mark van Wageningen (born in 1969) is a Dutch (typo)graphic designer based in Amsterdam,

The Netherlands. He is the designer of a number of typefaces (Gagarin Family, Plakaty, Cornelia,

Theo, Lucien, Therese, Louis). His fonts were published by Linotype (Cerny, Laika, Sjablony)

and are for sale at Myfonts and You Work For Them. He is the founder of Novo Typo typefoundry.


Julie Patat (born in 1991) is a type-designer from France who studies at the École Supérieure des Arts

et Industries Graphiques Estienne (ESAIG Estienne) in Paris, France. During 2014 she is working in Amsterdam in collaboration with Mark van Wageningen at Novo Typo.