NT Rashmir was originally produced for the design of Rashmir Eco Notebooks in 2014.

Because all books are produced in India we wanted to give the typeface an Indian-flavored-third-world-feel.
Part of the design is, apart of this set of three typefaces, a color-code, a typographic logo and the design of the notebooks itself. We used this typeface for the design of shop-displays, advertisement and promotional activities for web and print.
See pictures of the notebooks here.
The font Rashmir will be available for sale on 1-1-2015.


Rashmir is designed by:

Mark van Wageningen (born in 1969) is a Dutch (typo)graphic designer based in Amsterdam,

The Netherlands. He is the designer of a number of typefaces (Gagarin Family, Plakaty, Cornelia,

Theo, Lucien, Therese, Louis). His fonts were published by Linotype (Cerny, Laika, Sjablony)

and are for sale at Myfonts and You Work For Them. He is the founder of Novo Typo typefoundry.


Tobias Holzmann (born in 1986) is a typeface and graphic designer from Germany who recently
graduated from the École Supérieure d'Art et Design (ÉSAD) in Amiens, France. During summer 2013
he was working in Amsterdam in collaboration with Mark van Wageningen at Novo Typo.